Wolves of Hong Kong

Whistleblower Award for Fund Recovery in the Wolves of Hong Kong Investment Scam

A few days ago we published a Request 4 Information regarding the investment scam of the Wolves of Hong Kong. These scammers rip off investors from Europe by offering them investments in promising Chinese tech startups. It turns out, however, that the tech startups are empty special purpose vehicles with the exclusive purpose of raising money from investors to enrich their owners, a/k/a scammers. There is no technology. There is nothing but fraud.

A group of 29 aggrieved European investors (“Investor Group”) have joined forces and want to find the scammers and get their money back. FinTelegram and the European Fund Recovery Initiative (EFRI) support this group of investors in the best possible way. The names and data of the investor group as well as the information in connection with the lost funds were carefully checked by EFRI.

On behalf of the investor group, we, therefore, offer a Whistleblower Award in the Wolves of Hong Kong case. For whistleblower information that results in the recovering of all or part of the stolen funds, the Investor Group pays 10% of the recovered money up to €150,000. Provide whistleblower information here

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